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  • Skill Development for Self- employment
  • Skill Development under the Integrated Basin Development and Livelihood Promotion Programme (IBDLP)
  • Skill Development for Domain sectors
  • To develop a comprehensive understanding of the skill development scenario in Meghalaya.
  • To develop a State Skill Development Mission for:
    • Conducting skill mapping, organizing skill gap studies, and involve in environmental scanning for identifying the competitiveness of different sectors for employability.
    • Grounding delivery mechanism for enhancing the employability of youth by forming the requisite skills to them both for obtaining wage employment and/or, pursuing self employment.
    • Creating a pool of skilled manpower that has multiple skills that can be absorbed in diverse sectors
    • Evolving and enforcing processes that can ensure high quality standards in the training of the trainers, conduct of training, assessment of trainees and certification and post placement tracking.
    • Evolving a methodology for continuous monitoring and evaluation, both concurrently, and at the end of the implementation schedules.

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