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About us

The Government of Meghalaya has established the “Meghalaya State Skill Development Society” (MSSDS) on the 5th December 2011. The society is registered under the Meghalaya Society Registration Act XII of 1983 and was designated to promote employable skill formation in Meghalaya. The basic purpose of forming this society is to develop a cohesive skill information, entrepreneurship and placement framework for Meghalaya, based on current and emerging needs of the economies of the state and to carry out skill development & placement activities through its Project Implementation Agencies.


"To enhance the skill-sets of the youth so their employability improves”.


  • To implement the Meghalaya State Skill Development Mission, and all such matters incidental to it
  • To promote awareness relating to skill development under various Government programmes and departments, and channel them, as also strengthen them, for better delivery
  • Build the capacities of the skill development institutions and empower them to take responsibilities for management of skill development process in the state
  • To collect, collate, analyse, process and document all skill development initiatives of the state
  • To support and collaborate with various institutions/organisations of the state/outside the state on matters relating to the society
  • To monitor the progress of the projects and programmes taken up from the resources provided to the society and conduct evaluations of these programmes and projects according to the time frame and details considered appropriate
  • To receive funds from the government, state and central, financial institutions toward promotion of its goals and objectives,
  • To draw, accept, make, endorse, discount and negotiate with the Government of India/ State Government and other promissory notes, bills of exchange, cheques or other negotiable instruments
  • To invest the fund or money entrusted to the society upon such security or in such a manner, as may be from time to time, to sell or transpose such investments
  • Purchase, take on lease, accept as gift, construct or otherwise acquire, any loan or property wherever suitable, which may be necessary or useful for the society
  • Sell, lease, exchange and otherwise transfer of any portion to the properties of the Society.
The Governing body of the Society:
1 Chief Minister Chairman
2 Minister, Labour & Employment Vice Chairman
3 Minister, Education Member
4 Minister, Industries & Commerce Member
5 Minister, C &RD Member

Minister, Agriculture


Minister, Cooperation

8 Minister, Information & Technology Member
9 Chief Secretary Member
10 Addl. Chief Secretary, i/c Labour Member
11 Principal Secretary/ Commissioner & Secretary, Labour Member
12 C.E.O. , MSSDS Member
Members of the Society:
1 Chief Secretary Chairman
2 Addl. Chief Secretary i/c Labour Vice Chairman
3 Additional Chief Secretary i/c Finance Member
4 Principal Secretary/Commissioner & Secretary i/c Planning Member
5 Principal Secretary/Commissioner & Secretary i/c Agriculture Member

Principal Secretary/Commissioner & Secretary i/c Forest & Environment


Principal Secretary/Commissioner & Secretary, Soil & Water Conservation

8 Principal Secretary/Commissioner & Secretary, C&RD Member
9 Commissioner & Secretary, PWD Member
The Executive Council of the Society:
1 Chief Secretary Chairman
2 Addl. Chief Secretary (i/c. Labour & Employment) Vice Chairman
3 Principal Secretary/ Commissioner & Secretary, Labour Member
4 Principal Secretary/ Commissioner & Secretary, Education Member
5 Principal Secretary/ Commissioner & Secretary, Industries Member

Principal Secretary/ Commissioner & Secretary, C&RD


Principal Secretary/ Commissioner & Secretary, Agriculture

8 Principal Secretary/ Commissioner & Secretary, Cooperation Member
9 Principal Secretary/ Commissioner & Secretary, Planning Member
10 Principal Secretary/ Commissioner & Secretary, Finance Member
11 Principal Secretary/ Commissioner & Secretary, I. T. Member
12 Other Officers/ Experts as may be co-opted Member
13 Chief Executive Officer, MSSDS Member
14 Executive Director, MSSDS Member Secy

Signing of MoU with DB Tech, Shillong

Signing of MoU with DB Tech, Shillong



Presentation to the Chief Minister

Notice Board